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                After-Sale Service

                1: provide the related technology support, technology resource to customer before and after customer place order;

                2: arrange technical personnel to guide and assist customer to install and commission equipment at site; free training the relevant operators (including the equipment structure, performance, debugging method, operation procedure, assembly and maintenance, troubleshooting and other contents) to ensure that operator can correctly operate and maintain equipment to achieve the satisfaction of the customer;

                3: we are responsible for product quality, and provide customer with qualified products and also arrange the dedicated person to provide the service about the quality so that can find and solve problems timely. If there is any quality problem during the warranty period we will give free repair or replacement, for non-quality problems we will try our best to assist to solve the problem. After the warranty expires, we will do as in the past to solve equipment problems according to customer’s requirements.

                4: During the using process, if there is any problem occurs, we will provide the reply within 2 hours after receiving the feedback. For the customers in distant places, we will arrange the service personnel arrived at the sight within 24 hours to deal with the problems until customer is satisfied.

                5: All spare parts which are matched with our products but are purchased, if there is any quality problem, we will take the responsibility.

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